Why Do I need to have a house inspection completed prior to purchase?

In reality, a pre-purchase building inspection conducted by a qualified inspector can provide home buyers with a number of invaluable insights as the decision NOT to get an inspection can become a huge financial mistake and cost an ill-informed buyer money once the expensive and potentially dangerous defects arise after settlement of a house.

A short-term saving achieved by forgoing a pre-purchase Building Inspection can turn into a longer-term nightmare if there are structural defects, building defects, unsafe structures and potential risks from future water damage. Buyers who invest in them go into a property purchase with peace of mind and with their eyes fully open knowing they’re able to budget for any subsequent costs of needed repairs found in the reports.

At BIS Albury Wodonga, a Pest Report on a standard sized house can be completed for the reasonable price as damage caused by timber pests such as borers or termites may not be readily identifiable in an open house viewing. We use the Tramex Encounter Plus moisture sensor to detect active termites in wall cavities and places that are not visually accessible, as well as having extensive experience in not only searching for termites but being qualified and licensed to treat activity if it is found to have been in the property or currently active at the property.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most reasonable rates in the industry and time after time, the thorough work of our professional inspectors has prevented many clients from making avoidable – and possibly very costly – mistakes when purchasing, renovating or performing maintenance on a property.

So If you are in the market for a property and considering whether to obtain the professional opinion of an experienced inspector, please ask yourself whether an additional small investment would have much bearing in the long term? Compared to if you opt out and proceed anyway completely unaware of possible extensive foundation problems or other costly issues down the track.

However, if you have decided to proceed with an inspection, but are shopping around for the best price – you will find costs vary considerably in the industry. For the companies charging in excess of $1,000.00, which is above what is considered a reasonable price for a building and pest inspection and the reports are often less detailed and the inspectors often have less experience than us here at Building and Pest Inspections Albury Wodonga. On the other hand, cheaper quotes can often mean inexperienced inspectors and an inferior report. Just be aware there is no regulatory body in the state of Victoria to ensure building inspectors are suitably qualified or experienced.

Inspectors here at Building and Pest Inspections Albury Wodonga have over 30 years’ experience in the building industry, with trade experience, pest control and other relevant qualifications.

Please call us on 0427 004 838 or contact us online at buildingandpestinspectionsalburywodonga.com.au with any queries which can be answered by our experienced staff.

A pre-purchase inspection with BIS Albury Wodonga or Building and Pest Inspections Albury Wodonga is an investment in your future!

Servicing all areas in Albury, Wodonga, Jindera, Holbrook, Henty, Baranduda, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Beechworth, Leneva, Corowa, Lavington and Thurgoona.

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